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Zirconium Diboride

 Zirconium DiborideZrB2)【EnoMaterial

Zirconium Diboridepowder
1.The characteristics of Zirconium Diboride powder.

Zirconium diboride is a high-grade engineering material, which is semimetal-structured compound belonging to hexagonal system, so it has been widely used in many areas. The characters such as high melting point, high rigidity, high stability, good electric conductivity and thermal conductivity, as well as anti-oxidization and chemical corrosion resistance contribute to integrated performance of compound ceramics excellent, and these ceramics are made from the  raw material zirconium diboride. Also it has well capacity of neutron control so that it can be used in nuclear industry. All these kinds of excellent characteristics make zirconium diboride into high-powered refractory materials, which has developing foreground in the future!

2.The applications of Zirconium Diboride powder.

(1) It is used to produce materials for ceramics.

(2) It can be used as neutron absorber.

(3) It can be used as abrasion resistant coating.

(4) It can be used as crucible lining and anticorrosive chemical equipment.

(5) It can be used as anti-oxidation compound material.

(6) It can be used as refractory material, especially in the status of anticorrosion of molten metals.

(7) It can be used as thermal enhanced additive.

(8) It can be used as high temperature resistance.

(9)It can be used as a special type of dope against high temperature, corrosion and oxidation.

3.The specification of EnoMaterial's ZrB2 powder.


Product Name

Chemical Composition (wt%)








Particle Size (μm)

Provide under your needs



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