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Titanium Diboride

 Titanium DiborideTiB2)【EnoMaterial

Titanium Diboride Powder
1.The characteristics of Titanium Diboride powder.

TiB 2 is a new ceramic material with the dual purposes of structural ceramics and functional ceramics as well as the following superior physical and chemical properties: high melting point (T= 2980 0 C ), high hardness (34Gpa), good electrical conductivity (p=14.4μΩ.cm), excellent chemical stability, outstanding thermal conductivity (25J/m.a.k), low coefficient of thermal expansion (8.1×10 -6 m /m.k), erosion resistance against molten metal and exceptional mechanical property at high temperature. Therefore TiB 2 and its compounds are hi-tech materials with promising values and prospect recognized by experts. TiB 2 is one of the best raw materials of aluminum cell cathode coating, evaporation pan, military materials, cutting tools, moulds, abrasive resistant materials, engine components, seals, blast nozzle, high-temperature crucible, electrode, contact, dispersion strengthener, grain refiner, abrasive materials, bulking agent, etc.

2.The applications of Titanium Diboridepowder.

  1. Electric compound material. The electric boron nitride (the evaporation boat), which is made of titanium diboride and boron nitride, is the key component for vacuum aluminum-plated facilities.
  2. Cutting tools and other parts of ceramics. Titanium diboride pottery and porcelain can be used in metal-draw bench, extrusion film, spout, airproof component, cutting tools, etc.
  3. It can be compounded and sintered into titanium diboride goods.
  4. Oxidation resistant additive, especially in the status of anticorrosion of fused metal.
  5. Compound ceramic material. Used as important element of poly-compound material, titanium diboride can be made into compound material of cutting tools together with TiC, TiN, SiC, etc. It can also be used as a part of armor-defend material. It is the best material for all kinds of heatproof parts and function parts.
  6. Refractory material.
  7. Vacuum spraying and purification for copper, zinc and aluminum, etc.
  8. Aluminum electro-analysis cathode material. It is used as aluminum electrobath cathodal material. The good moist character of TiB2 and metal aluminum liquid makes the aluminum electro-analysis consume less electric power and prolongs the longevity of electrobath.
  9. It can also produce PTC fever material and PTC soft material, which is the fortifier of Al, Fe, Cu and other metal materials.

 3.The specification of EnoMaterial's TiB2 powder.



Titanium Diboride(TiB2-A)

Titanium Diboride(TiB2-B)




Impurities (wt%)
















Avg. Particle Size (μm)

Provide under your needs



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