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Beta Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide(SiC)【EnoMaterial】

Beta Silicon Carbide Powder
1.The characteristics of Silicon Carbide powder.

Silicon Carbide is a compound of silicon and carbon with chemical formula SiC. Alpha silicon carbide (α-SiC) is the most commonly encountered polymorph. The beta modification (β-SiC), with a zinc blende crystal structure (similar to diamond), is formed at temperatures below 1700 °C. The β-SiC micro-powder made by EnoMaterial is a high purity, narrow particle-size distribution, with small pores, active sintering, and regularity of crystal structure. The β-SiC whisker possesses a high length-to-diameter ratio, smooth surface, high diameter quotient, and fewer granules in the whiskers. Even if these products are immersed in corrosive environments, serviced in extreme attrition mines, or exposed to more than 1400℃, their performance is superior to other commercialized ceramics or metal alloys, including ultra high temperature alloys. The new application domain and new design possibilities of these products are emerging, which is cannot be met through traditional metals and ceramic materials.

2.The applications of Silicon Carbide powder.

The Silicon Carbide powder made by EnoMaterial is used for fixed and moving turbine components, suction box covers, seals, bearings, ball valve parts, hot gas flow liners, heat exchangers and semiconductor process equipment.Moreover,the micro powders and whiskers of β-SiC also serve as reinforcing materials, and can significantly improve the mechanical performance, thermal properties, abrasion and corrosion resistance performance in polymer materials, different coating materials, defence industry materials, aerospace materials, etc. Subsequently, β-SiC micro powders and whiskers are being increasingly applied in these domains.

3.The specification of EnoMaterial's SiC powder. 



β-SiC Whisker

β-SiC Powder


Phase Content (%)




Impurities (wt%)

















Avg. Particle Size (μm)

Provide under your needs



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